June Ingdal Photography



Hi, my name is June Ingdal and I’m a photographer. I live in Karmøy, Norway, with my two cats.

I have always loved to be creative, drawing, filming, crafting and of course photographing. I was 15 years when I decided that photography was the way for me to go, so I studied media and communications, and after that I started on the school Norges Kreative Fagskole to study photography.

Right now I’m freelancing, since I’m moving alot, but someday when I settle down I want to open my own studio. I love to photograph both people and animals/wildlife. I’ve always cared about animals, and for some time before I found out I wanted to be a photographer I wanted to become a veterinary, and also work with WWF, which I still want to do.

If you have any exciting projects, just contact me:

E-mail: contact@juneingdal.com

Phone: +47 926 28 153