The Neighbours Dog

Ok, not always my neighbour, because I don’t know where he lives, but his boat is right next to my apartment. He have gotten himself a cute puppy! This is a English Setter. I Thought at first that it was a mix between a Dalmatian and a Spaniel. But the puppy was really adorable, and I had to take a photo of him.

Confirmee Asbjørn

Was in Trøndelag last week and took some pictures of two confirmees (Konfirmant in Norwegian). This is one of them. This is Asbjørn, he really loves music and cross-biking, so wanted to have that in the photos. (Have some trouble with the gallery, so trying something “new” and simple:)

Ine 08.04.11

Some more photos of Ine. Yes, I do not know so many people here in Kristiansand, so don’t have so many different models. Are you, or want to be a model and live in Kristiansand, don’t hesitate to contact me!

And the beautiful cat that snook his way in the pictures is my beautiful cat Anubis!

Protest – 11.03.11

(t.l. Aslaug, Aud and Siri Mette)

Alot of people were protesting today outside where I work, so I ran out with my camera and asked what was going on. These three were protesting that their school (Moseby) and a different school (Torrdal), as going to become one, but noone know where that school is going to be. They want to have that school in Moseby since Torrdal has everything else.